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improve ranking with 5 seo tips

Increase Website Visibility & Improve Ranking With 5 SEO Ranking Tips

Are you trying hard reaching top rank in all major search engine pages? Thinking how to reach the top rank on Google? There are some proven as well as genuine tips and tricks by which you can protect your top positions on SERPs. In this article, some essential points are going to be discussed. 

Five Essential points Maintaining SEO Ranking  

If you are businessman and have your own website then it is really important to catch more and more visitors to enlarge your business. Getting high website traffic constantly is not a one day task. A website which gets huge numbers of traffic can earn potential as well as long term visitors and these visitors turn into reliable and loyal customers. Once you manage to reach top rank on Google, you need to provide constant as well as strategic effort to maintain your website position on top. You need to stay updated with new SEO tricks to stay ahead of competitors and own the battle. Let us redeem the five essential strategies that help your website to be on top rank on Google maintaining latest Google algorithm.

1. Regularly Update Website

The most essential thing is to maintain the uniqueness as well as quality of your website content. If you want to rank top on all search engine pages then you require to update old content as well as to generate new and high quality content. Generating more and more fresh content helps your website maintaining top rank on Google. Apart from fresh and high quality content you need to add images, videos and unique keywords to your content. This effort not only attracts new visitors but also you can easily entice your regular visitors. Also, keep optimizing the layout of your website that you can lessen bounce rate and engage more visitors. 

2. Try to Reduce Uptime of Your Website

Maintaining speed of site is one of the most important things that effect ranking factor of website. Since, site speed is one of the most essential factors for ranking on search engine result pages.  According to survey, most of the people search on mobile devices. Hence, you need to speed up your site that your visitors do not take any alternative way. The more you can reduce the uptime of your website landing page the more you can entice visitors. You can reduce uptime of your website maintaining 3 things. Contact with reliable hosting service provider, compress your website images and use CDN or content delivery network for better download speed. 

3. Go for Wide In Building Link

You need to focus in building quality backlinks rather than just increasing numbers of links. Only high quality backlinks can increase the vintage of your website and also quality backlinks help ranking on top of search engine result pages. Do not go for building excessive backlinks for same keyword. You need to remember that building backlinks in fast way can be a reason of threat for your website. You need to build backlinks with different articles as building backlinks with one article can hamper ranking of your site. You can maintain the rank of your keyword with inbound link building. Inbound backlinks helps diversifying your backlink profile as well as helps gaining positive perspective for your website authority from Google.

4. Positive Outbound & internal linking Result

You can rank top on Google with help of internal linking strategy. Building links within your website is as essential as building backlinks. As counterintuitive as it may sound, links within your site can be just as important as backlinks to your site. Even, outbound links helps showing relevancy of your site to Google authority as well as to the readers. Sending outbound links to authority brands in your niche helps Google determine the relevancy of your website. Always, build outbound links with those sites that are relevant to your own content. When internal linking helps to rank your keywords, it also helps search engines understanding your website pages properly including topics.

5. Focus Building Strong Social Media Presence

Remember in building strong presence in all social media platforms. Directly it hits ranking of your website as search engines take all major social media platforms as big brand. When you would be enable making links from these social media platforms you could manage top ranking on Google and all other major search engine pages. The more and more visitors like, share and re-tweet your content, the more you can increase your website visibility through these social media platforms. 

Hope, these five essential and proven tips to maintain SEO ranking help you to rank top on Google and also help increasing visibility of your website. Though SEO or search engine optimization is not a single day task and you need to give constant effort to grasp the fruit of SEO for long run. 

19 May 2016