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essential twitter ads guide for brand awareness

Essential Twitter Ads Guide 2016 Building Brand Awareness & Getting More Clients

Every business man thinks to be top on business as well as process of lead nurturing. When you are thinking to reach the highest pick of success at your business, you need to master the strategy of lead nurturing in short while. You can engage your customers sending relevant as well as well-timed emails and it is one of the best strategies of lead nurturing. When you email your potential customers to make them aware of business offers, new or upcoming products as well as best deals, you complete the primary process of developing connections with your customers.  Email is the reliable as well as proven channel of lead nurturing. Apart from email, you can use twitter ads as an effective way to make connection with potential buyers.

Steps to Generate Customers with Twitter Ads

If you are thinking to add new as well as genuine customers to your board then you can use the social media platforms as your weapon to catch more and more customers and twitter ads are best making big list of possible customers. Though, you need the best blueprint to work out the twitter ads campaign to generate more revenue in connecting more customers.  You can go directly for bottom funnel content to provide detail of products that you can reach more customers and convince them to buy products. Different experiments as well as strategies are worked out by different business marketers to see whether twitter ads are effective or not generating leads down the funnel in business as well as to engage more and more prospective customers.   Experiments have come to an end with result that more than sixty per-cent of retargeted group on twitter has been converted into potential customers rather than control group. If you are thinking to try this method yourself then you need to follow some steps.

1) Create Own Audiences & Reporting

First you need to create a list of retargeting customers and it is not a one day task. You require creating giant list of retargeting audiences that you can connect more and more people. You can create list in using Customer Relationship Management or marketing automation platform.

2) Set Up Control Group & Experiment Groups

Primarily, you require setting list of experiment group of customers to examine against control group that you can get exact result. With any good experiment, you’ll need to have an experiment group to test against your control group for the most accurate results. Remember that twitter ads only target experiment group. You can use any syncing service to create list on twitter, like GoChime or you can manually create list using excel sheet and upload your lists into HubSpot or any other software.

3) Go For Uploading Lists Into Twitter Tailored Audiences

You require emails of your audiences to retargeting them on twitter. Though, you can upload phone numbers or twitter handles into twitter tailored audiences, but emails are much effective.

4) Process Of Setting Up Reporting

Now it is time to set up your reporting that you can see the result. There are two ways to look up the result of your test. Lead to customer rating metric will help you to know how many leads have been converted into potential customers and lead to opportunity rate metric will allow you to identify the success rate of your twitter ad campaign. There are other twitter metrics that you need to apply to entice customers.

5) Select The Right Content

It is time to create unique as well as high quality product awareness and bottom funnel content for your product that you can provide detail of your products to your customers. Your content has to be catchy, interesting as well as contained with images and videos that you can catch eyes millions and billions of customers in short while. The more you upload product blog posts, product story telling videos and slide shares the more you can extend the lane of getting potential buyers.

Importance of Bottom Funnel Content

You need to provide more attention as well as effort in creating bottom funnel content. Bottom funnel content like case studies, customers’ reviews, return on investment report or calculation help you to earn trust of customers, speed up your product selling and motivate customers to buy products without any creating shadow of doubt.

Hope the article is helpful in providing relevant information regarding Twitter ads guide 2016 and all these steps help you generating more and more lead customer rating and takes you top of lead nurturing.

29 May 2016