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effective local positioning strategies

4 Effective Local Positioning Strategies That Get Overlooked

Guys involved in the field of SEO well know that having an appropriate content at an appropriate place and time contributes a lot in elevating search positioning along with enhancing conversions of any local business.

Content is Key to Success

The leading concept behind inbound marketing includes the way customers interact with brand at an appropriate time and in a proper way. You may get into trouble when you are not getting in front of your audience even after successful search is performed. Especially, at a local level the trouble will be more as multiple competitors compete with close proximity.
The idea that content is the key to increasing local search visibility is not at all new. You may create great content for audience as it may contribute in securing visibility for highly searched keywords, generate linkable content, boost rankings and enhance the number of new visitors towards the website.

Highly Effective Local Positioning Strategies

In order to obtain insight into what your audience is searching on and interested in, you need to follow the following four local positioning strategies which have been described as under:

  • Researching competitors – On the basis of the level of competition in association with your industry in local search, investigating into competitive analysis may contribute in uncovering the places where local competitors hold strong presence. This allows going for direct competition with them on the sites of, local industry.   

Understanding the competitors in depth will give an opportunity to go ahead by simply exploring SEO techniques that have not been utilized by competition.

  • Personalizing content - Getting in front of any customer can be tough and standalone for a multi-regional company. Customization of products and services is one of the main techniques that engage audience.  Among all, Qdoba is a primary example as it illustrates the idea of personalization through email marketing.

Qdoba consistently sends emails on the basis of geographical location. In some cases, most of these emails surround the weather with a custom subject line on the basis of location.  From the side of customer, these emails are comedic, engaging and overall relatable to the receiver.

From the side of a marketer, these emails play into a larger on-site content strategy by allowing testing various subject lines, copy and images. This strategy helps to lower the bounce rate.

  • Identifying and pursuing low-hanging fruit- Even if the local business is not holding a good ranking at the time of search, identifying opportunities within local digital landscape and executing on those opportunities will drive strong results in local listing positioning with the passage of time.  

You need to investigate local citation sites and capitalize on sites that will inherently rank above local business. It is fortunate that Moz has helped to identify top citation sites that span a variety of industries. Duplicate listings occur at times when there are more than two identical listings created within a single platform and may cannibalize the SEO efforts by confusing the search engine.

It is a good idea to include an email template on file that invites some best customers for reviewing your business and service on Google+. Google includes star ratings on the SERP once the business garners numerous reviews and help to boost visibility in local results that are crowded.  

  • Utilizing native advertising - Testing the content with the help of native advertising may help a local marketer to understand the type of content to which audience reports in a positive manner. To be precise, the idea is to figure out the type of content that convert users into a negative or highly organic setting.

At the time of creating a local content strategy, it becomes essential to figure out the type of content and language that converts users within a particular area. Creating an organic content will quickly provide an idea of language that helps to convert well precisely.  

From that point, it becomes easy to utilize the higher-converting copy in ways to help enhance search engine visibility. Though native advertising is a bit expensive route, it will help a lot to build brand awareness within your target area which can ultimately work in tandem with search.

Building of a content strategy all around local listing will definitely be a rewarding experience. Planning a content strategy by utilizing these four strategies can help a business to elevate position in local search.

09 May 2016