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tips for stunning one page website

10 Tips To Prepare A Stunning One-page Website

We are all familiar to one-page themes related to WordPress along with those award-winning one-page websites available on the internet. Nowadays, almost each and every business desires to hold one-page website rather than going with the traditional and hierarchical structured sites. 

Why one-page Website?

Web developers have reserved themselves with single-page or landing-page focused websites due to a host of reasons that include:

  • Slow loading sue to large number of web elements on the same page
  • Inability to share a specific snatch of content
  • Absence of an intuitive way for sharing of blog
  • Lot of scrolling
  • Hard to measure visitor interaction along with specific elements and page sections
  • Distraction along purchase path due to multiple touch points
  • Bad for SEO due to limitations in keyword-URL association

Algorithms related to Google have become smarter due to which one-page websites are gaining due attention on search engines. Business-wise, it has made a big difference. Though most of the problems in association with one-page websites have been possible to overcome, it is believed that 2016 will be the best for one-page websites. 

Best Single Page Web Design Tips

Website is much like a life partner! Some highly recognized single page web design tips for the purpose of building a highly stunning, functional, beautiful and compelling webpage have been mentioned in a nutshell as under:

  • Your website is the first impression of your brand. Hence, in order to make a favorable great impression, determining of theme consistency is the first and foremost requirement. All you need to do is settle upon a set of suitable colors and theme for brand. The things ranging from banners to product display must be ensured to be consistent with the theme. 
  • Banner image is also very much important due to which it is essential to pour heart, soul along with loads of creativity for creating the same. Those images must speak for you! You need to include your creativity in order to highlight key features of product. 
  • The inclusion made must comprise the same focus. The website you own is a work of art along with striking images, cool effects and clean interface. It is high time to see the way section stands out against others. Such a website will be an ideal standard! 
  • The visitors must be engaged with your website till they reach the footer. In general, single page websites are like inverted pyramids with tons of creativity from top to bottom. Each and every section of your site must be striking to prevent bouncing off by the visitors. 
  • You may opt for embedding links to social media pages as the next step. It is similar to meet parents! This is why it is becoming very much important to rock social media along with ensuing that social buttons match the website theme and remain prominently visible. 
  • A highly impacting web copy along with a catchy headline is very much important to attract potential customers towards your brand. You may go for various styles of writing that include handwritten to retro, futuristic to elegant and many more. You must ensure that your copy suits the personality and voice of the brand and fonts with theme of brand. 
  • Opting for the procedure of proper designing is also a vital step. In order to find the perfect centerpiece for website, go through thousands of images before choosing one. Also you must take hundreds of shots of your products in variable lights and backgrounds before putting the same on to landing page. 
  • It is advised not to fuss over small things at the time of launching the website unless it bothers a lot. Sticking to perfection for long may simply result in delay of actual work and finally messing up of things.  
  • Similar to human being, a website also comprises some flaws. It must be noted that it is not at all going to be perfect in a single go. You may request your friends, experts and family members available on social media circuit to go for a quick review of website before making it live. It is advised not to tale unspecific and critical reviews to heart. 
  • Though many people create websites, they forget about the same. But websites are like marriages that needs constant working for finding out what works best. This is the place where A/B testing gets introduced. You need to keep up with online customer behavior and evolving changes so that your single-page website holds a striking look and offers optimal user experience. 

Following these above mentioned tips will definitely serve the desired purpose.

14 May 2016